Who is Jenna V Diamond?

I am a Model, Writer, Adult Entertainer, and Entrepreneur. I have been known to doing a bit of everything, but I love it, because I LOVE to make people smile. Most people would describe my personality as the Fun-Loving girl, who has a sexy demeanor and overall “down to Earth” sense of humor.

Where did you start?

I have been Web Cam Modeling for some time now. I fell into Web Cam Modeling, because I was looking for extra income outside of my day job. I had no clue of what Web Cam Modeling was, but I had tried it on the basis that it was Modeling and I was seeking to start a new journey as a Model. Even though, I know what kind of modeling it is, I had fell in love with the excitement and experience of connecting with people. I have always been an entertainer at heart, so it was right up my alley, to appease what I have been missing for some time.



What are your measurements and how tall are you?

I always start off by saying that I am “Fun Sized.” I know many of you can get an idea of what that means. Well, I am 5’1 1/2 (yes, I have been told this by a doctor). On a good day, I feel like I am 5’2, but I am not sure. (Let’s just let me think that I am super tall, ok? lol). From the last time I had checked I have a 36 DD bust. I am not going to disclose the rest, since it is a working progression. I like to eat YA’LL, if you haven’t noticed. 🙂

Are you Single, Have a Boyfriend/ Girlfriend, Married, or WHAT?

I always say that this is my Favorite question. Super kidding! I am very much Single, but I always say that my Fans are my boyfriends/ girlfriends since I am always kept busy. If you are asking whether or not I get my needs/ wants met. Absolutely! I am not in a “Relationship” but every so often, someone wants to deal with me enough on that level.

If you wanted everyone to know something about you, what would it be?

As simple as it is, I am human. I say silly and inappropriate things, just like the next person. I admit, I curse like a “Sailor,” so don’t get nervous if you hear a “F-Bomb” slip out (or like 50). I promise, I will try to keep them to a minimum on my blog though. I F***ing Swear!