Something New

I feel that I have been trying to write a post all day, but was unable to make it happen. Today was a very interesting day, outside of the usual #LazySaturdays I like to enjoy most often. In addition to today's outing, I was able to use Live.Me for the first time. Honestly, I felt... Continue Reading →


Who else LOVES a good Tee?

I am not sure about everyone else, but I LOVE a good TEE! If you are like me, check out my friends at FiveFingerTees (click the picture saying FiveFingerTees and it will take you right to them). They always have some pretty cool and interesting things. And the best part, if you have a cool... Continue Reading →

Read a great Article yesterday

The more that I am not forced to read, the more I find more likable things to read, which seems a bit awkward considering the fact that I hated reading as a child. Well, it's not that I hated reading, I hated the concept of reading or the idea that you could imagine a place... Continue Reading →

Normalcy for Once

I feel that I have been unusually boring over the past week. After trying to rebound from the deaths of long time friends, trying to prepare plans my site, and etc, I feel like all I have wanted to do this weekend is stay in the bed. I have been very successful at this so... Continue Reading →

Again, Last Week

Last week, was also unusually tough. Another long time friend of mine had passed away due to an unusual circumstance. The circumstances surrounding his passing baffles me and many other people who loved him. It was very hard to accept for many people, including myself. Last week, I woke up on Monday and my Facebook... Continue Reading →

Also, this past week

I had an interview with a company, which I would like to work with. I am going to try very hard not to spill the beans, because I am unsure of if I was ultimately approved for the partnership or if it is based on a contingency on fast I can learn about the offerings.... Continue Reading →

This past week was a very long week

This past week felt very long. Things had appeared to be at least going along fairly well, despite the normal occurrences which I have to tend to on the usual basis, but towards the end of the week, I had received some terrible news. A good friend of mine from high school, was discovered to... Continue Reading →

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