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It has definitely been one busy week/ weekend. It has only been a few days since I had left my toxic day job and I am already experiencing some anxiety from cutting the cord with my previous daily routine. I had forgotten how difficult it is to develop a new routine, when you are in control of your schedule.

My goal for yesterday was to start working more on my stores, so that I can have something productive to do over the upcoming weeks. I have to ensure that I am busy, because this will keep my anxiety levels down. I can admit that I have a tendency of diving into work, so that I can think about other things rather than my financial overhead, in an effort of relieving my stress levels. Please understand, smothering myself in work is only a temporary fix for worrying about other things, but since I know that I am a worry-wart, I have to do something to cope.

In one aspect, I was very successful yesterday, as I was able update my ManyVids store. I am very thankful that many items on the store have been receiving some great feedback; however, I am super excited to see the upcoming work associated with the orders as they come. I am very interested in the challenge of ensuring that I have something for everyone in the store, so I am Super Excited about this.

I had noticed, while working for the previous business, that I have a tendency of trying my best to appeal to every customer, even though I notice that this may not be possible. Being that I am a perfectionist at heart, I also try very hard to ensure that everyone is happy or, at least, satisfied with everything that I produce. Granted, I know that sometimes things happen and I have learned to let go, but that does not mean that I am not emotionally effected by things. I just always figure that if you try hard, people will take notice and you will start to improve your craft sooner than later.

Although, I am somewhat exhausted and stressed, probably juggling too much at one time (which is typical of me), I am very excited to be building the monster on my own terms. I know that it will get easier sooner than later; however, I am still stuck in the moments of the “tornado.” 🙂





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