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First Day back on Cam.. Simple Note

Yesterday, I had made my immersion back to performing after taking a few month hiatus for my previous vanilla job. Everyday, while working my previous day job, I had dreamed about being able to find the time to get back online full time. Due to the enormous amount of stress from the previous job, I had finally made the conscious decision to end the employment relationship and make my return to performing live within the Adult Industry space on a full time basis. My announcement was not the most visible for yesterday, due to my personality type not wanting to fall on my face and have to do a public look of shame; however, I was able to get the word out and sincerely appreciate everyone who had visited my room or left messages for scheduling personal time (in the near future). I am very excited to be back active and are overly appreciative to the support and love I have received for my first performance in months. πŸ™‚

Since, I am back active within the community, please take a look and continuously support my stores or get active with me on my social media links. πŸ™‚


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