Real Life

Made a Very Big Step Towards Progression and…

Quit my Toxic job yesterday! Yay me! I think that was one of the hardest conscious decisions, I had made in a while, but it was definitely worth the anxiety. 

For the past couple of weeks, I have been contemplating leaving the job because I had started to notice how toxic the job was truly becoming. The signs of toxicity were every where, from cameras placed everywhere in the office to not being able to converse with any of my subordinates without being fussed at due to it being a “meeting” without the owner being present, even if it was just a brief training and even people receiving monthly income from the job, but being excused to not do any work by the owner. I personally got to the point where enough was enough and I could not handle it anymore.

My breaking point came from being outside for a 10 minute break, for literally 4 minutes and 38 seconds, to speak to a “bill collector” whom had called my job due to me being uninformed about how my account was set up. Please keep in mind that I had excused myself and stepped outside to use my personal phone following the place calling my work phone asking for me. 

Out of nowhere, the owner walks up to me and attempts to interrupt my conversation by standing there, but I start to look down and continue with the conversation. The owner walks to the side of the building, but is still in view and waits for me to end my conversation. As I walk back into the office, he stops me to speak with me about me being on my phone and states that I am on my phone, every 5 minutes and that he had pictures to prove it. He stated that I need to put my phone in my purse and I stated that I would not be doing that due to having to be available for emergencies. 

I asked him about me being entitled to 2- 10 minute breaks and a lunch and he appeared to not want to honor my statement. I then stated that I rarely take any breaks since I am not a smoker and outside of “potty” breaks, rarely leave my seat. He chuckled because he knew it was the truth. 

Outside of the discussion with him, I just had to tell him that I couldn’t do this anymore because I have done a hell of a job to get treated that way. He stated that I did do a good job, but, of course, I reiterated to him that he had just told me that I didn’t do a good job and I did not appreciate the treatment I was receiving.

He had attempted to offer me to come back and stated that it was my decision, but that I could take a few days to come back. I told him that I did not know about all of that. 

I was pretty upset when I had made my way to the car, but that was only because I had abruptly quit, when my plan was to stay to the following week for payday. (Yes, I was already planning my exit.) 

I am actually very surprised that I was able to hang on this long, especially when things were starting to appear like a sinking ship with so many people chosing to jump off rather than hang on. It appeared that many people were only hanging on since I was there because everyday there was an issue which never got rectified by the owner. 

Outside of demonstrating that I have what it takes to do build any business from nothing, which was positive, the experience was tough. I have never been to a job where you literally did not know what was going to happen every day. 

I see I have learned lesson and are definitely proud of myself for having the balls to say that enough was enough. I am so thrilled to go back to being independent but I definitely have to work this ass to make sure that I survive and thrive. ☺

Well, CHEERS to Future! 🍷


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