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Today’s Lunch

Since I have been contemplating many “life changing” options in my life as of lately, I had decided to try a new food restaurant today and was sooooooo impressed and had to share. From following my blog up to this point, I am sure that all of you can see that I am very honest and open about my opinion about food. I am not the biggest foodie, but I definitely like to eat, especially when I feel under large amounts of stress or pressure (primarily from myself, but that is another story).

So today, I had decided to take myself to this place called Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. My friend from work had been raving about this place for weeks and has offered to bring back food for me so many times, including today, as she had offered to share her leftovers. Although, I had declined for offerings, I had decided to take myself to try the restaurant out today for myself, since I had business to perform in the next store.

First off, my experience started interesting as I and another gentleman had missed the line entrance and begun to form a line behind more seasoned Dickey’s patrons. Imagine myself and another gentleman thinking that we both had the ordering concept down, only to be informed that we had skipped the most important step in the process. Lol.

Once we had finally placed ourselves in the right directions, the gentleman behind the counter, who may have been one of the managers, was overly impressing by his demeanor and had informed all of us that THERE WAS FREE ICE CREAM! I am not sure of everyone else, but I was very excited about this, because I love barbecue and an option for ice cream following the meal.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to get ice cream today, because the meal was very filling. The food was very good, but the ambiance of the place was (again) exceptional. The same gentleman from behind the counter was able to come out to the dining area to briefly chat with everyone and thank us for coming into the restaurant. That meant a lot to me, because sometimes I am chatty-Kathy, especially when I am by myself.

The food was very good. Being that my family migrated from the south, I am very picky about my barbecue. I must say that out of every barbecue restaurant I have ever experienced, the food here was so delicious that it is placed #2 in my personal rankings for barbecue restaurants.

I had definitely enjoyed my experience here today. I know that I will be returning again soon, ideally, much sooner than what I can imagine, and spend more time than the 35 minutes that I was able to spend today.

Also, I have to add, they have free Wifi. 🙂

I hope you like the pictures. Have you eaten here before? How was your experience? Do you have any recommendations for barbecue restaurants? Please share.

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