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I feel that I have been trying to write a post all day, but was unable to make it happen. Today was a very interesting day, outside of the usual #LazySaturdays I like to enjoy most often. In addition to today’s outing, I was able to use Live.Me for the first time. Honestly, I felt that it was rather fun, once I had finally got the hang of it. It was rather nice to be asked questions for once, but this time in the midst of people watching within my environment. I was very excited to have a few people watching me as well as a few people who were nice enough to say very nice things to me (gave me super feels). Even though, I identify myself as being a Cam Girl, sometimes I still get nervous. Everyone was very nice and it was awesome, so I do see myself doing this again. Possibly, I can start to schedule Live.Me at least once a week. I find it fun to connect with people, since #sexwork can be very isolating. Not many people understand how difficult the job is or are quick to morally judge our line of work. Either way, I am grateful for all of the opportunities. 🙂 If you have any questions for me to answer on Live.Me or even YouTube, please do not hesitate to send me an email. I think I may start doing YouTube more often as well and posting the videos here for everyone to watch. Oh, I had posted my Live.Me name just in case anyone would like to follow. xoxo




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