Real Life

What is happening in here , right now?

Have you ever had a moment and you just thought that this really can’t be happening? A moment like you put enough gas in your car to equal a full tank, but then your check engine light turns on? That is what it feels like is happening to me right now. Yesterday, my ceiling started leaking. The leak was coming from the ceiling pan which holds the air conditioning unit air (or something like that). The leak started off as dripping, but now, today, it feels like it is doing more than dripping and more frequently. I had called maintenance yesterday and they did not come today, so now I am like “Should I be scared, right now?” Maybe this needs to be the indicator that I need to start putting money aside to move, outside of the Fair Market Rate of rent rising every year. I am just in awe right now that this is happening. Has something like this ever happened to you? Tell me about it.


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