Read a great Article yesterday

The more that I am not forced to read, the more I find more likable things to read, which seems a bit awkward considering the fact that I hated reading as a child. Well, it’s not that I hated reading, I hated the concept of reading or the idea that you could imagine a place through a book. Even though I have always had a very vivid imagination, that did not work for me and I would often skim read books and say that I had read them, but would miss the underlining concept of what I had “read.”

Even so, back to the topic. I had read a great article yesterday in the People magazine. I guess that I did not assume that the article would be so good, since it was in the magazine, but I found myself at work, reading, while trying to look like I was working. The article was about Audrey Hepburn. I have never been totally interested in her or her career prior to this article, but did understand that she was the “Queen of Classic” in regards to her style of dress, which is typically my style of liking as well.

The article had addressed many points of her life, starting from when she was young and touched on many points of her adult life. I was most taken away by the depiction of her desire to stay thin. Many people think that “skinny people do not eat,” when that is not true. I understand that sometimes, to be thin can be a result of an eating disorder or genetics, but some people just have a desire to be thin. The authors had made it clear to discuss that she did eat and gave examples of her meal routines, but part of her desire could possibly be attributed to her childhood, where food was not always readily available and she had to survive with what she (or her adults) were able to find.

I can admit, I was very impressed by this article, because it made me think about things that we all have as apart of our routine that other people may not understand. I am assuming that there was a mystery surrounding whether or not Ms. Hepburn ate or not, but of course she did, right?

Have you read the article? What were your thoughts?


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