Real Life

Again, Last Week

Last week, was also unusually tough. Another long time friend of mine had passed away due to an unusual circumstance. The circumstances surrounding his passing baffles me and many other people who loved him. It was very hard to accept for many people, including myself. Last week, I woke up on Monday and my Facebook feed was filled and I just could not believe what I was reading. I immediately called and dm’ed a few friends for confirmation and everyone was still waiting on an official confirmation. Please keep in mind that this came in the light of the news of another friend’s passing from the previous week. No one could believe what everyone was sharing. Unfortunately, the news eventually became confirmed from his immediate family and everyone was pulled together in his memory.

I hate the fact that many people are often neglected due to life’s circumstances; but it takes a death of a loved one to bring people back together. People should try their best to cherish friends and family everyday. I admit that I wish that I could have stayed close to both of my friends, but life has taken me quite a distance. If I could tell my friends how much they meant to me, I would tell them again, in an insta-second. I know that I have been starting to tell all of my friends more often now, but it should have not taken this long. Maybe, I have been shy? I am not sure, but I am definitely trying to do better. It may be small, but hopefully, I can put some extra love out into the world, because I know we all need to hear it sometimes.



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