Real Life

This past week was a very long week

This past week felt very long. Things had appeared to be at least going along fairly well, despite the normal occurrences which I have to tend to on the usual basis, but towards the end of the week, I had received some terrible news. A good friend of mine from high school, was discovered to have committed suicide during the week. I was completely devastated hearing the news. I wish that there was something that I could’ve done to connect with her, but I was so out of the loop as to what was going on with her, so much to where I did not even know that she still had a few social media outlets active. 

She was a very strong influence in my life, because she was the sassiest young woman I had ever known. I remember being near her and feeling special to be her friend. She was a person whom had that effect on people. Her smile was contagious and she was so fashion forward. She definitely loved her make-up and knew how to use it. 

As much as I would love to post a picture of her, I had decided not to since I haven’t had an opportunity to ask her family as of yet. She was such a beautiful woman and definitely a beautiful soul. Unfortunately, I have lost all of my personal records and pictures with her over the years, but she was definitely something special to everyone she had encountered. 

If anyone ever feels overwhelmed by their lives, all I can ask is that you reach out to someone. ANYONE! Life gets tough for everyone and there is typically someone out there, who can reassure your hope for tomorrow or at least the future. Sometimes, it may not be your year, but that doesn’t mean that next year will not be better. You just have to hang on, regardless of how tough it is. I can not stress it enough. I truly miss my friend and I wish that I could go back a few months and reach out, at a minimum up to this point. Sometimes no one knows what we are going through, but I believe, there is always someone out there who can relate. 


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