Food Review

I really debated on posting this..

I promise, I did. The reason why I say that I had debated on posting this is because I have officially tasted one of the worst Mexican food restaurants ever. Maybe because I know my Mexican food being from California, but I do try to be considerate when I am out somewhere. Many of my friends had just told me to post it, because it may help someone else and they are telling the truth. The picture was cute and I had gotten the “special,” since I was on a time schedule. The beans and rice were dry. The food had me nervous because of how the chicken tasted. Have you ever bit into the grizzle (or whatever it is called) of chicken? For me, since I have, I am constantly horrified when I eat out somewhere and the chicken tastes like that previous experience. Granted, the chips and salsa was good, but that was it. Maybe if I would have gotten a Margarita, the food would have tasted better. I enjoyed myself, since I was replying to emails and taking premium snapchat pictures about my day, but the food… Definitely not worth the $10, I had paid. 


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