Food Review

Animal Style? Or maybe not. 

They say that people from California have an issue when it comes to In-N-Out Burger. I am not too sure of how true this is, but I can admit that between In-N-Out and Chipotle, depending on how I feel for the day, these places are my typical “comfort food” selections. Even though I was born and raised in California, I did not learn about how good the food was at In-N-Out until adulthood. I am not sure of why it was like this, but for some reason, I can not get enough as of lately. Today, I had decided to try a lite version of the “animal style” fries. (Keep in mind, unless you ask for this, it is considered to be apart of the SECRET menu.) It typically comes with grilled onions, cheese, SPREAD, and fries (of course). I know that I may seem like a somewhat adventurous foodie, but today, I can admit, that I felt the need to be so plain with my tastes. I wonder if there are any other variations to the animal style fries? I would be interested to know how you like yours. To say that today I had unleashed the Animal inside, would probably be an improper understatement, since I had fries and Spread on my Animal fries. 😐


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