Tomorrow, I plan to be live on Periscope for another episode of #FanFriday. Please stop by and chat. If you have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to send me a message or tag me on twitter and I will select some for commenting. 🙂 Super excited to see everyone for #FanFriday! 🙂



Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day to all! As all of the school-aged children are out of school, celebrating a "Free" day to stay home, in addition to many adults who are at home enjoying the absence of work, let us not forget to celebrate the concept of Freedom and what it entails. I know... Continue Reading →

Link to View #FanFriday

Since I can not seem to figure this out, I have attached the video as a link. Well, hey... This was my first one and I am very happy at how it turned out. Thank you again to everyone! 🙂 #FanFriday

#FanFriday- SUCCESS!

Words can not express how excited I am that my first #FanFriday was such a success! I had such a great time speaking to everyone for #FanFriday! It was very refreshing to just spend some time with everyone. I am hoping that I had left a long lasting impression on my many viewers and invite... Continue Reading →


After giving it some further thought, I have decided to incorporate a weekly public chat to my schedule. Every Friday, I plan to host my definition of #FanFriday, in which I will be answering questions live. I think this will be a fun addition to my schedule, because most of you already know that I... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Schedule

This week, I plan to start a new schedule since I have made an objective to continue to move forward in my career. I have a few goals that I want to achieve in a short time, so I have to get busy and pick up the pace. I do not have an exact time... Continue Reading →

Love Note for 2018

It is a new year and I am back to claim it. 2018 is going to be a great year and I am sending all of the blessings to any and all people who are taking the time to read this. I know that I plan to become very busy in the near future, attempting... Continue Reading →

My New Schedule

My new schedule is so exhausting. I will be the first to admit it. There is no structure in my schedule, but I do feel that it is starting to blend together in 1 big 24 hour mess. I keep trying to schedule sleep, but end up falling asleep during the day. I probably should... Continue Reading →

It has definitely been one busy week/ weekend. It has only been a few days since I had left my toxic day job and I am already experiencing some anxiety from cutting the cord with my previous daily routine. I had forgotten how difficult it is to develop a new routine, when you are in... Continue Reading →

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